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20 Years and Still Innovating

As we prepare for the anniversary of eCom’s 20 years it’s only natural to look back over the years, and my first thoughts are ‘I could write a book on it all!’  I’m not sure I quite have the time for that though, so a blog will have to do.

Recently I was looking for a project that we did back in 2004, one that had been archived many years ago. Going back even 5 years in our industry can be seen as a hopeless exercise - the technology is rendered useless. However the business processes are as relevant now as they were years ago.

Fighting my way through our archives looking for this 12 year old project built in old J2EE was like a trip down memory lane and reminded me of some of the challenges and successes we have had over the past 20 years.

Bumps In The Road

If you asked those in the industry I am sure they would cite the dotcom crash of 2000 as a challenging time. It is often when business gets tough that you are forced to reassess – it is the bumps in the road which can take you on a different path. At eCom we used this particular time to focus on product and software development, moving firmly into the workplace learning and assessment space with the launch of our LMS and securing our first eAssessment client.

Customer Relationships

The customer relationships and projects that we have and continue to deliver is phenomenal. We are proud of the number of long-term clients we have, with several companies working with us for over 10 years. This is testimony to the team work at eCom - small teams are picked out from a cross-section of the companies wider departments, each providing their particular expertise to ensure a project is delivered to the highest standard.

Solution Focused Organisation

We pride ourselves on developing innovative and inventive solutions to client’s challenges. Looking back at the tech solutions we have created over the years, some were way ahead of their time - in particular our work in eAssessment with clients such as the Chartered Bankers Institute and the SQA.

With each project it is immensely satisfying to see a company move through their eLearning journey with us – from the client arriving with a vague concept/wish list through to an end result which surpasses their expectations.

Business Growth

Seeing the business grow from just 3 members of staff to 38 makes me realise how far the company has come. As a small business there is a real opportunity for our employees to get involved in a variety of elements within the one project, contributing to staff development and skills growth.

As a family orientated business we also understand the importance of a work/life balance and take pride in the flexible working solutions we offer our staff.

Thank You’s

There have been a number of individuals who have been instrumental in our development from clients to past and present employees.  

Through it all eCom and I have also been lucky to have the support of a number of people:

  • John Penman, our Scottish Enterprise Account Manager who has helped us keep focus and regularly reminds me of all the good things that eCom are achieving
  • Catherine Maciocia for her sound financial advice and general cheerleading
  • Iain Taylor for being the best corporate lawyer whilst not acting like a lawyer at all.

I am excited to see what the next 20 years will bring technology wise and how we will develop our products offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients.

By Wendy Edie, Managing Director eCom Scotland

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