Third Sector: Benefits Of The Right Learning Solution

While some organisations in the third sector are already using learning technologies for staff training and development there are few who are realising their full benefits. With the right learning solution in place you can expect to increase impact, reduce cost and drive income.

At eCom Scotland we know the benefits that a tailored learning solution can deliver.  Taking learning online and delivering through a learning management system (LMS) provides better control over content, more rapid deployment and better measurement of activity. One way to generate the most value is to use the learning infrastructure and content to communicate with multiple audiences.  

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have recently introduced Learning Choices, a bespoke LMS with a series of accessible eLearning courses. RNIB wanted to make their training more flexible and cost effective, as well as addressing the high demand for training from their business clients.

Learning Choices delivers content to four audience groups: Public Academy – for those supporting a person with sight loss; Professional Academy – for third sector, health care, local authorities, education and employment sectors; Customer Academy – for financial services, retail, housing and utility providers to help tailor services to support people with sight loss; Internal Academy - for RNIB Group, Action for Blind People and Cardiff Institute for the Blind's staff and volunteers. 

This new approach has enabled RNIB to reach a much wider audience and enhance their commercial offering for business clients and through a public ecommerce portal.

An online learning platform can also help third sector and their partner organisations to work together more effectively. RNIB are working with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists to develop content which will be available to both RNIB staff and Royal College members using the Learning Choices system.

Perceptions about the type of content which can be delivered online still need to be challenged. RNIB’s work has shown that eLearning can be made accessible for blind and partially sighted people. eCom have worked with NHS Education for Scotland on several online learning projects covering challenging subject matter. The One out of Four project raises awareness on the maternity healthcare needs of women survivors of sexual violence. The blended learning programme, which combines face-to-face training with online learning, won a Royal College of Midwives’ President’s Award.

From our experience the projects which are most successful are those which come from a trusted partnership between client and vendor, often involving skills transfer. According to the Services Manager at RNIB “The partnership between RNIB and eCom has been mutually beneficial. We have learned from each other, pooling our expertise to overcome the challenge of creating accessible elearning”.  

Many organisations first test the water with an open source solution but underestimate the task and investment of resource required to adapt and implement.  The best solutions are developed on a defined learning strategy and built to meet an organisation’s own needs for information and metrics. With the right partner you should expect not only an impactful learning solution spanning your business but also an upskilled team.  

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