Enriching Membership Through Learning

Membership bodies are the guardians of professional advice and expert opinion in many sectors, often called upon by the media to provide insight and opinion at a moment’s notice. Despite the apparent belittling of expert opinion in the UK and USA last year, most would agree that a functioning society needs trustworthy professionalism and expert professional advice.

Refresh the Old, Bring In the New

Membership organisations have an important role to play in not just supporting the maintenance and refreshing of knowledge of members, but increasing the attractiveness of the expertise area to new entrants and help ‘pass the baton on’.

The most successful membership organisations are already providing learning and structured continuing professional development (CPD) to help define and develop competence and reflective practice among professionals.

Structured, Accessible and Inclusive

The drudgery of collecting and attending CPD events and learning often leads to ‘what’s the minimum I can get away with’ behaviour from members. Using a learning management system for continuous recording, reflection and planning makes it a lot easier to distribute new learning material, send reminders and for learning-orientated members to engage with each other.

Offering accessible and inclusive learning opportunities for as many members as possible is becoming a big agenda item, particularly when public funds are involved. Providing learning via systems that offer accessibility to members with sensory issues sends a positive message to stakeholders, but also to existing and future members. Discover how RNIB are benefiting from accessible learning.

Collaborate to Create

Giving access to content authoring tools like eNetAuthor allows subject specialist teams to collaborate on developing content that is accessible, re-usable and engaging. Who better to create the content than the sector experts themselves?

Demonstrating Commitment

When members have to report to a collection of regulators or show evidence based on outcomes an online management system can enable more narrative and better demonstrate the level of commitment to regular professional development. By setting flagging indicators an organisation can identify if a member or cohort is undershooting their learning commitment and organise remedial action – and not wait for the regulator’s knock at the door.

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