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Effective eLearning - Engagement is Not Enough

eLearning attracts a lot of buzzwords, which are claimed to make your eLearning more successful: virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, games-based learning, micro-learning. The list goes on and on. While all these elements have their place and will help engagement, not one will necessarily make your project effective.

Engagement is a term that is used a lot in our industry. Of course engagement is important, however it doesn’t measure the success of a project. 100% of employees may undertake a course, but if it doesn’t create a positive impact on the business, then there is no effectiveness.

Clear business goals are necessary to allow you to measure the overall effectiveness of your project. Be it compliance tracking, knowledge transfer, upskilling or behavioural change, an appropriate level of investment can be set by the impact the project will create. Before starting the creative process you need to establish appropriate metrics to determine success.

If you would like to find out more about developing eLearning which delivers real business results our new free eBook 5 Steps to eLearning Success provides an easy framework to follow as you plan and develop your next eLearning project. 

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