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Creating Better Engagement for Employees

eLearning has become more and more popular over the last 10 years. The biggest problem has been getting employees engaged in using it. You and I can hear the groans from the staff.

Why has this been the case?

  1. Really good eLearning was too expensive and organisations had very limited budgets. They were persuaded that what could be done with their budget would be good enough - it wasn’t!
  2. Many organisations didn’t have enough expertise to know what to commission or purchase and were led by suppliers. Most were catalogue purchases from suppliers on commission.
  3. For a long time suppliers didn’t provide any way to segment the courses and organisations thought that providing a wide library of learning options would inspire employees to take up as many as they wanted. This might work for one or two but the majority already have busy lives and find it challenging to commit to even searching the library.

What is it you are trying to achieve?

Basically we (the suppliers, vendors, customers) were all at fault and now we are trying hard to overcome these errors because in the current market there is really no choice; the training has to go online. There is a lot of talk about ‘no more ‘boring eLearning’’ but this is just emphasizing the problem. Let’s stop and take a minute to think; what is it you are trying to achieve? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get staff up to an acceptable level of knowledge on new policies, work instructions or products in the shortest time and with a consistent message.
  • Drive sales level up by x% by inspiring staff on product/services in an engaging and motivational way without having to bring them all together, or take them away from meeting clients.
  • Ability to get clear & concise management, self-service real time reporting to Senior Managers/Board about the state of compliance & competency across the organisation - ensuring that training has been undertaken and understood.
  • Fill in your own reasons…

An immersive digital learning experience

When you consider what it is you want to do, you can see that providing online courses is only part of what is required. It is not the full picture! This is where an immersive digital experience is a better option. The experience may involve;
  • Answering some questions
  • Checking out some resources
  • Creating some evidence
  • Working through learning/training materials
  • Discussing in a peer group
  • Answering some more questions
  • Working on a profile to build up skills/knowledge
  • Getting some advice
  • Being observed and recorded (video, rubric)
  • A micro credentials award to give motivation

And all of this activity will be tracked and reported in real-time.

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