Welcome Words by Wendy: Sticking together will see us through

by Wendy Edie
eCom's Managing Director

We believe that competitive advantage is not driven by the resources you control, but those you can access.

A great example of this is right on my doorstep, with a High Street of diverse business that is truly thriving in the face of lockdown.

Sticking together

Collaboration is a win-win strategy for these businesses from butchers, to bakers, and there is even a candlestick maker!

With COVID providing complex and interconnected problems for the leaders and organisations that eCom work with, we quickly realised to truly help we needed to create collective impact.

Friends of eCom

Our ‘Friends of eCom’ has evolved due to the speed and need during lockdown and includes many of our key partners from our supply chain, our membership groups, our clients and other like-minded individuals who offer complementary products or services that can add value.   

Friends of eCom has allowed us all to pool our business development activities, to drive innovation, to support each other during these times and just as in the case of Burntisland high street, it’s working. 

  • HRBooth have ensured our network are up to speed on all things furlough and the need for upskilling of workers.
  • Different Mindset has brought leadership support with a #WeNotMe approach and international reach.
  • SoConnect continue to provide advice on broadband and mobile for those all working from home. 
  • Opensesame has provided us all with COVID relevant content from remote working, mental health and leadership courses - for Free during lockdown.

All of our friends are supporting our webinar series by bringing collective insights in these challenging times to encourage opportunities to grow. And as these grow, so does our Friendship group.

Join us

Why not join our next webinar on Wednesday 5th August (11:00am – 12:00pm BST; 12:00 - 13:00 CET) on Towards the new normal workplace: what is the impact of transition?

You got a friend in us, that is the #eComWay  

Keep safe and keep going,


17th July 2020

Please see eCom’s current statement on COVID:19 and Business Continuity.

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