Engaging the workforce

Discover the top 5 in-demand skills in the new digital revolution and find out what this means for training departments.

In general, staff know how to ‘get by’ in the workplace – they can do the tasks or they wouldn’t be there.

The main issue is when their managers want them to improve and excel in their job role. This is when both technical and soft skills are involved. These ‘soft’ skills need a rebrand to be ‘essential people skills’. They are about cooperation, emotional stability, good communication and negotiation.

Top 5 In-demand skills

Here is a list of the skills that are in-demand by employers in this new digital revolution, as technical skills are being displaced by robots, co-bots and A1 operations.

  • Working in teams and getting on well with others
  • Multi-taking and being able to work on a task while considering other tasks and managing disruptions
  • Self-awareness and the ability to ask questions
  • Confidence and being authentic
  • Willingness to learn and demonstrate adaptability

Consider your own workplace and see how automation is having an impact and how your colleagues workroles are changing to be more problem solving and team working roles.

The rise in need for critical and lateral thinkers in the workplace means a different approach and technique is required from training departments.

Building people skills

80% of your current workforce will be with you for the next 20 years, so building people skills in-house is an essential component of any L&D strategy. This is why eCom have developed work-based learning tools to allow these people skills to be developed, managed and reported on.

As companies move away from sending staff off-site for training and develop their own programmes of on-the-job activities, they need a simple effective method of tracking and managing this activity.

Tracking competency

Watch our video on submitting evidence and meeting competency.


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