eCom Scotland’s Client, IWCF, Launch New Online System For Well Control Training

eCom Scotland has been working closely with our client IWCF, to launch their new 'FORUM' online administration system.

FORUM will change how well control training is managed by simplifying IWCF’s current paper based system to online scheduling. Once a centre has scheduled a course candidates are allocated their place online, making the process easier and more time efficient for both centres and candidates.

To receive a place on a course, candidates complete a one-off registration on FORUM which creates their profile on the system. This allows candidates to view their IWCF qualification history in one place and request replacement certificates.

Antony Quin, General Manager of IWCF said: “Giving candidates an online profile makes the registration process easier and also enables them – as well as employers and potential employers - to verify their qualifications as all new certificates and wallet cards include a QR code which can be scanned to check with the online system.
“This is a positive step for well control training, enhancing the systems and the way training is managed helps ensure that it is delivered in a robust and consistent manner.”

eCom Scotland continue to work with IWCF. A second phase of the project which will introduce online exams will be available next year. IWCF is actively recruiting for new members. Anyone who is interested in well control safety can visit for more information.

For more information about the FORUM project click here.

About ICWF

Founded by the oil and gas operators, IWCF is an independent, not for profit organisation with elected representatives and a global network of branches, representing the entire industry. Headquartered in Montrose, UK, IWCF administers well control training, assessment and certification programmes. Since 1992, IWCF has certified over 160,000 people in almost every continent through over 220 accredited training centres.

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