A Happy, Healthy Birthday to eCom!

We have a culture that rewards good performance not just with money, but by giving people the opportunity to feel good about their work, feel connected to the Company, and to feel recognised for what they contribute. That’s the #eComWay

Company Birthday

Appreciation happens in small ways every day, although our Company Birthday is a great chance to take some time out to celebrate what we have achieved from grassroots to now.  Where we set out the goalposts for the year ahead and give our competitive spirit a bit of a boot. 

Healthy working lives

With this year’s theme Healthy Working Lives we took the time out to appreciate that wellbeing is no longer simply about physical fitness and good health. Our mental health, financial fitness, and family concerns also factor into our everyday experiences at work, all leading to a healthier, more successful employee and business.   

Getting active

We then had a fantastic game of walking football, arranged by Charles from our Technical Support team, played some badminton on the eCom lawn and took part in some games supplied by NHS Fife on getting active.

Thank you to Raith Rovers Community for the ‘lend’ of the Walking Football Scotland cup - it led to some serious competitive spirit.

Happy 23rd Birthday everyone at Team eCom!


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