6 Benefits to using video in eLearning

There are many benefits to including video as part of your eLearning course. Below are our top 6 reasons why video content works so well.

It’s no great secret that video is growing in popularity. There are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, with almost 5 billion videos being watched every day. In an eLearning context, video offers many advantages.

1) Easily present a large amount of info

Firstly, video is a great way to condense large amounts of content and make it easier for people to understand. Our Instructional Designers are skilled in working with your Subject Matter Experts to carefully select the content best suited to video delivery, something we've done for NHS Scotland.

2) Demonstrate methods efficiently

Video is a great medium for explaining complex procedures or techniques. We have recently created eLearning for Devro and have included video to ensure their scientific content is explained in a way that’s easy to understand and suits online delivery.


3) Easily describe complicated/abstract concepts

Virtually any idea or concept can be explained in a visually engaging way using animated video. Our design team have worked on many projects that include animation, such as Hydrosense and will happily help you work out where your course would benefit from animated video - just ask them.

4) Use time more efficiently

Since information can be condensed using video, there will be less of a cognitive load on your learners, which will help them to quickly and easily digest your content. We’ve been working with British Council to include video as part of their eLearning for this reason.

5) Accommodate different learning styles

Including video as part of your eLearning content will help make it suitable for a variety of learning styles and therefore a much larger number of learners. While primarily a visual medium, it’s also suitable for those who prefer audio. And by including text as part of your video, it will also appeal to those who like written communication.

6) Make your content more relatable

Video helps your content to be more engaging, by successfully conveying tone and emotion in a way that is hard to replicate in written text. This helps encourage knowledge retention and recall. We worked with William Grant & Sons to ensure this was the case for their induction eLearning course.

How eCom helps

Based in Scotland, we’re you’re local eLearning partner and we’re always happy to support you in creating video content as part of an eLearning course, for maximum impact. We have a wealth of in-house video expertise and will bring a dynamic additional resource to your team. And because we’re local, it’s easy to meet for a chat and as well for filming.

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