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Online Assessment

Flexible Online Assessment
eNetAssess™ is a flexible online assessment system for creating and managing bespoke tests in a secure environment. It provides a rich experience for formative or summative testing,  whether you are conducting high stakes exams, training needs analyses, 360 evaluations, or information gathering.

eNetAssess offers a complete eAssessment solution from test creation, question authoring, centre management, scheduling, authentication, invigilation and verification through to reporting and analysis.

The adaptive functionality of eNetAssess allows the creation of complex question flow, marking rubrics and algorithms, meeting the examination needs of professional institutes and chartered organisations.

Offline eAssessment
For organisations operating in areas of poor connectivity online assessment can be challenging. We can help you complete this missing link with eNetSecure, a secure offline eAssessment solution for high-stakes exam delivery. The offline assessment is delivered on a secure encrypted USB, which requires no connectivity at point of use.

360 Degree Assessment
eNetAssess360 is a cloud-based assessment tool for creating and delivering 360 Feedback surveys and Training Needs Analysis. It is easy to use, allowing you to develop randomised, categorised and benchmarked surveys without any technical knowledge.

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  • Increased efficiency with an end-to-end assessment solution
  • Confidence of a secure system
  • Better accessibility and real-time feedback for assessment stakeholders
  • Reduction in management time and cost savings when compared with paper-based exams
  • Wide number of roles supported including admin, author, invigilator, assessor, verifier and candidate
  • Mobile enabled delivery for mock and infield (observational) assessments
  • Automatic marking, eMarking and eVerification
  • Extensive range of question types: MCQ, MRQ, essay, case study, rubric and bespoke
  • Secure USB option for assessment in locations with poor connectivity
  • Comprehensive suite of reports for learner, examiner and test centre
  • Question randomisation per candidate and per assessment
  • Assignment options for evidence gathering portfolio
  • Customisation to company branding and styling
  • Secure delivery via eNetSecure kiosk mode, robust internet monitoring and auto reconnection
  • Certification via link to printing service or eNetBadges
  • Full support from eCom Scotland Helpdesk

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Case Study

The Chartered Banker Institute has worked with eCom for over 10 years on the delivery of their professional qualifications, resulting in a significant reduction in management time and costs.

NetRegs use eNetAssess to deliver a self-assessment for SMEs to check their environmental compliance. The tool uses adaptive assessment to help businesses pinpoint the areas where they need to improve.

eCom’s understanding of what we wanted to achieve was key to successfully taking the learning and self-assessment online.

Alan Parnell, NetRegs

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Get in Touch
eCom helps organisations achieve a wide variety of assessment objectives from skills assessment in corporate academies, to apprenticeship end-point assessment and professional examinations.

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eNetAssess is available to public sector organisations on G-Cloud 9 >

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