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Global Oil & Chemicals Company

Online Portal for Leadership Development Programme

This relaunch of a leadership programme, previously carried out via classroom learning, demonstrates how beneficial a blended learning approach can be.


This large global chemicals manufacturer is focused on developing complex speciality chemicals which optimise the performance of their clients products. The organisation has a strong philosophy of developing and promoting staff from within their ranks.


The chemical company required a fresh take on their leadership development programme. This had previously been carried out solely as a classroom based exercise and the organisation was interested in alternative delivery methods. They want to be able to track and monitor engagement levels and report on participation.


  • Blended approach to programme, with learners benefiting from online post training support
  • Collaboration amongst students encouraged via a networking forum
  • Ability to monitor and report on engagement
  • 360 review process can be completed within the system
  • Platform has flexibility to grow as the learning needs of the business change
  • Blended learning
  • Collaboration
  • 360 Review
  • Flexible platform
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