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360 Evaluation: How to Maximise Your Investment in Your People

Posted By: Joe Barker

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eCom Scotland are a market leading supplier of online Talent Management technology. We specialise in building robust eLearning and eAssessment engines that help companies modernise their approach to all aspects of managing and developing their staff. We offer a suite of online solutions designed to create a positive, measureable impact on your business.

eCom currently have a fast growing UK and international client base that includes the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAS) for Scotland, the Chartered Bankers, Scottish Qualifications Authority and the University of St. Andrews. We have recently extended our market reach through channel partners in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and have just opened our first overseas office in the USA.

As an expert in the field of assessment technology we have found an increasing demand for simple to use, out of the box tools that can be applied either as a one off intervention or as part of a wider Talent Management imperative. Many companies struggle to find a suitable and easy to use 360 degree feedback process and are often tied to a wider consultative approach that becomes over bearing and expensive. Whether it is feedback from peers, subordinates or even from external sources, using a web based application like eCom’s eNetAssess360 is simple and intuitive.

The overall results from a 360-degree evaluation are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan and map specific paths in their development. Results are also used by some organisations in making administrative decisions related to pay and promotion. Several studies indicate that the use of 360-degree feedback helps to improve employee productivity as it helps the participants see different perspectives of their performance.

eCom Scotland

Research has proven that online learning and development is more efficient, flexible and convenient to the learner. Contemporary technology such as mobile learning and assessment are becoming commonplace, now is the time to move your processes online.

eCom can deliver highly effective learning and development tools, increasing efficiency and the size of organisation’s knowledge base, whilst reducing costs.Our 360 tool is available out of the box with very little customisation or development time required, all at a minimal cost.

Boost your employees potential with an effective 360 talent management strategy from eCom. If you wish to find out more contact us on

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