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CIPD Conference

Posted By: Wendy Edie

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At last weeks CIPD, being an HR focused event, there was great discussion on the biggest (intangible) asset within a business is it’s people.  

But after a great first day, what I actually came away with, was that it wasn’t the people that were the greatest asset. The greatest business asset came from how you empower the people within the business.

As Jeff Turner Director of Learning and Development, Facebook EMEA so eloquently put it, “Common sense is not always common practice”.

And that is why a leader’s number 1 job is to enable those around them to reach their full potential. Giving enough room to develop in their own way and with enough guidance to keep them focused. Without strong leadership even great people can do stupid things.

Good corporate culture, open communication and trust from these leaders are a must to ensure that an assembled group of people feel enabled to accomplish productive work towards the business objectives.

ELearning is a tool that is commonly used to ensure staff that ‘all your arrows are going in the same direction’. Online course content can increase induction/onboarding time, and allows for a consistent message to new members of the team - Nooglers if you were working for Google! In addition to this, eLearning can serve as a refresher to existing staff on your company’s objectives, values and corporate culture. 

The cultural balance of a business is also becoming a major factor, more often than not, the failure of a new employee is tracked back to cultural fit rather than capability and experience. We have experienced this first hand. It is such a disappointment in finding a capable candidate, spending time inducting them into the business only to realise they do not hold the same values as the rest of the team and the Organisation. To ensure recruitment efforts are not wasted many organisations are now taking ‘cultural snapshots’ of their business and bench-marking new candidates.   

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"We worked closely with eCom to create a bespoke online solution that would greatly assist our colleagues working in the executive search part of the business. eCom have a reputation for providing robust, tried and tested solutions". Dr. Stephen Sloan, Director, Norman Broadbent 

Outwith business hours, people rely on technology to do so much. From recreational games, to learning how to do something. How many have used You Tube to figure out how to do something? Therefore a business should harness this technology and push their staff to eMentor, to Learn, to communicate, to assess capability and to ultimately engage further in the business. If you have an engaged employee, then you have a productive employee!

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