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NHS Education for Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland

One Out of Four

One out of Four is an NHS Education for Scotland project developed to ensure that maternity healthcare is sensitive to the needs of women survivors of sexual violence. The project provides information and training for midwives, and other health professionals, so they can give the highest quality care to women survivors across Scotland.

eCom was successful in the competitive tender to produce the education materials for the project. The challenge was how to best facilitate the education of a large number of health professionals across general practice, sexual health, and reproductive and maternity care, on what is a difficult subject.

Following consultation, it was decided that a blended approach, combining eLearning with local workshops, would be most effective.

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Quality Improvement

NHS Education for Scotland commissioned eCom Scotland to develop a programme of learning resources on Quality Improvement for front-line, admin and management staff across NHS Scotland.

eCom undertook a search of resources to identify any existing content for the eLearning programme. Following this review and gap analysis it was decided to create a suite of 16 QI modules specifically for NHS Scotland.

This was a complex project with multiple courses, assets and stakeholders.  eCom worked in close consultation with NES staff and a small team of subject matter experts. A ‘How to’ document was created to assist content development and face-to-face support provided to the writing team. Course design templates helped to make the content writing process more efficient, reducing project budget and overall completion time. The courses were built using eCom’s authoring tool, eNetAuthor®.

The programme of eLearning is accessed through the Quality Improvement Hub, providing a national resource.  They are accessible across a range of technical platforms so that staff can access the eLearning whatever their device, browser or level of IT expertise.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

NHS Education for Scotland appointed eCom Scotland to develop an eLearning course from an existing web learning resource for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and, subsequently, to redesign the website.  The resources were designed to help healthcare professional accommodate the needs of patients with ASD.

eCom’s designers worked with NES’s subject matter experts to develop learning objectives and identify appropriate content from the wealth of resources available.  The course incorporates a range of interactivities to engage the user, a series of case studies to illustrate learning points, knowledge checks and links to further resources.

A high standard of accessibility was a major requirement of the project and the technical solution is compatible with the diverse IT infrastructure in place across the NHS.

Website content was subsequently updated and restructured to align with the eLearning and deliver a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals.

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