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Centred Excellence

Centred Excellence

Centred Excellence is a training company, which provides specialist training and coaching services to recruitment companies. Their management and team development training was classroom-based however the Centred Excellence team recognised that they needed to offer a more blended approach, both to remain competitive and to engage younger learners.

Centred Excellence approached eCom for consulting services on how to adapt their classroom materials for online delivery. We worked with the Centred Excellence team to develop the learning strategy for delivery of professional online content which fully supported each learner, prior to them attending a focussed workshop session and moving into performance coaching.

Following instructional design input eCom developed a series of pre-workshop modules which used a variety of learning techniques such as homework exercises, video support and other interactive elements. eCom’s eNetLearn™ was used to create the bespoke learning environment providing Centred Excellence with a range of management tools to keep track of learner activity and manage assignments.

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